VLAZE Heat Shields


Black Enamel: : $1,299.00
White Crackle Enamel:: $1,499.00
Splatter Enamel:: $1,499.00


Stunning English quality, the VLAZE HEAT SHIELDS are made in England by A.J. Wells (the company who makes the enameled British railway signs)

The VLAZE HEAT SHIELDS are designed to reduce the rear clearance of any wood heater by 80%!

Simple to install, they come with two wall brackets – and the wall screen just hangs on the wall.

Wall Screen Size

  • 1050mm wide  x 1,200mm high

And available in three finishes

  • Enamel Black
  • Enamel Crackle (aged enamel look)
  • Enamel Splatter

You can also match these to the VLAZE WOOD HEATER HEARTH to have a matched style look