True North TN10


True North TN10: : $2,640.00
Optional 2 Speed Fan : : $277.00


With a beautiful cast iron door, stunning, hypnotic flame pattern, and gorgeous compact size, the True North TN10 wood heater is the ideal wood heater for the smaller sized home. Constructed in Canada from high quality materials, the TN10 is all about providing a small heater with uncompromised technology.

The TN10 is brilliant at pushing the heat out without overpowering the room. With a maximum heat output at 100m², the TN10 perfectly heats an area about the size of a two-car garage. It does this all while maintaining a highly efficient (64%) clean burn (1.2g of emissions). Above the fire, the four secondary air tubes blow heat down onto the fire. The tubes provide a fantastic flame pattern and keep the fire burning hot and clean. The top of the TN10 can also function as a cooktop, allowing you to boil your kettle or simmer a soup right over the heater.

A great way to improve your wood heater’s performance is to replace your traditional air-cooled flue kit with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which helps keep the heat your heater produces in the room, as opposed to losing up into the ceiling. Combine this with an Outside Air Intake, a tube which connects the back of your heater to the outside, which allows fresh air to enter your heater, for a fantastic airtight system for keeping your fire alive and your home warm.

Despite its size, or perhaps even because of it, the TN10 is a brilliant heater, wonderfully constructed and ideal for the smallest home where space is a luxury. Its small footprint and gorgeous cast iron façade mean it will truly be a conversation starter in your home.


Efficiency: Max 71%, Average 64%
Heating Capacity : 120-150m2
Emissions: 1.2g
Height: 654mm
Width: 542mm
Depth: 378mm
Rear Clearances : 150mm
Side Clearances : 175mm
Corner Clearances : 75mm
Clearance to non-combustible : 25mm