Pyro Mini


Pyro Mini Package - Includes - Fire, panels, wall protection, Floor Protection & Re-Usable Firelighters:: $4,999.00
Pyro Mini - Black Body - Add Panels: : $3,999.00
Pyro Mini Panels Complete Set - Any Interpon Power Colours : : +$399.00
Pyro Mini 1.5kW wetback booster: : +$399.00
Pyro Standard wall screen 550 x 800 x 25mm: +$249.00


Perfect for those who want a quirky looking heater, and want to be as environmentally friendly as possible, the Pyro Mini is a unique wood heater, specially engineered to be as clean burning as possible. New Zealand made, this wood heater boasts a retro looking exterior, with powder coated panels and the optional wood storage space underneath. But it’s not the outside that makes the Pyro Mini special… it’s what on the inside.

Designed for the smaller home in mind, the Pyro Mini has a heat output of 100m². This is perfect for the smaller living space, where the Pyro Classic is just too darn big. And with efficiency as high as 66.5%, you’ll burn a lot less wood you’re your Pyro Mini than many other heaters in its class. And if you add Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, you gain an additional 8% of heat that you normally lose through a traditional air-cooled flue kit. But it’s the emissions, at 0.3g, that make the Pyro Mini famous. The Pyro Mini achieves this through its unique ceramic cylindrical firebox. Specially designed to burn wood as efficiently as possible, this firebox is how it all works. Pyro Fires takes this even further with their carbon positive initiative. They have planted with One Tree Planted, planting trees to offset the carbon produced by both the manufacture and use of their wood stoves. Pyro Fire’s commitment to the environment is unparalleled.

There’s a lot of great features fit into this snug little wood heater. The Pyro Mini has a hot water jacket available, allowing you to use your wood heater to provide domestic hot water from your home. The top of the Pyro Mini can also be used as a cooking surface, perfect for your Sunday morning breakfast. And last, but certainly not least, one of the most exciting things about the Mini is the ability to choose from over 200 colours for the front and side panels. This allows you to truly customize your Pyro Mini to suit your home and style.

Highly efficient without compromising on style or heat output, the Pyro Mini is a fantastic heater, perfect for the person who wishes to stay as carbon neutral as possible and have a good looking, warm heater while doing it.


Emissions: 0.3g
Efficiency: 66.5%
Heating Capacity : 100m²
Length: 452mm
Width: 455mm
Height: 625mm
Weight: 110kg
Rear Clearances : 350mm
Side Clearances : 290mm
Corner Clearances : 370mm