Pyro Classic


Pyro Classic Package - Includes - Fire, Panels, Wall Protection, Floor Protection & Re-usable Firelighters:: $5,499.00
Pyro Classic - Black Body (Add Panels):: $4,499.00
Pyro Classic Complete Panel Set (Any Interpon Power Colour):: +$399.00
Pyro Classic 3.7kW wetback:: +$499.00
Pyro Standard wall screen: +249.00


The perfect wood heater for the environmentally conscious has arrived. Extremely clean burning, retro looking and highly efficient with wood, the Pyro Classic is New Zealand’s best kept secret… until people find out about it. And with Pyro Fire’s new carbon positive initiative, partnering with One Tree Planted to plant trees, offsetting the carbon from both the manufacturing and use of the wood heater, for the environmentally conscious customer, this is perfect.

The Pyro Classic accomplishes this tremendous 0.3g of emissions (one of the lowest ever) through its ceramic cylindrical firebox. This firebox heats the fire to 600°C, giving your fire the perfect environment to burn cleanly and produce a constant heat. This produces an 180m² heat output, perfect for most homes. The fire burns so efficiently that you can get up to 15 hours of burn time on a single load of wood, perfect for those overnight burns or to ensure you have a warm house after a long day at work. Retaining heat is important with the Pyro Classic, and with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, you can retain up to 8% of the heat your heater makes, which is usually lost through air cooled flue kits. This helps makes the most efficient wood heater just that much more efficient.

Cooking may not be the first thing most people think when they first see the Classic, but the top of the firebox is absolutely a cooktop, perfect for boiling the kettle or simmering a soup. And adding the optional Pyro Fires oven transforms the top of your Classic from a simple cooktop to full blown cooking experience. Moreover, the Pyro Classic is defined by its powder coated panels on the side and front of the unit. Being powder coated, you can choose from over 200 colours, giving the unit a true unique finish that matches your home.

The Pyro Classic is undoubtedly a unique unit, incomparable to anything else on the market. It’s unique colours, design and way of heating will make it a truly tremendous statement piece in your home, all the while keeping you warm and helping keep the environment clean.


Emissions: 0.3g
Height: 625mm
Heating Capacity : 14.8Kw
Efficiency: 74%
Depth: 6545mm
Width: 455mm
Clearance - Rear : 350mm
Clearance - Side : 480mm
Clearance - Corner : 370mm