Pacific Energy Neo 2.5


Neo 2.5 - Matte Black Side Panels: $4,946.00
Neo 2.5 - Enamel Side Panels: $5,135.00


The flagship of the Pacific Energy range, the Neo 2.5 is a brilliant wood heater, made in Canada by… you guessed it… Canadians. They know heat! With the gorgeous vitreous enamel sides and stunning flame pattern, this is one heater that’s full-on style, without compromising on the technology.

The Neo 2.5 is one truly impressive heater. With an enormous 300m² heat output, this heater is designed to heat the largest of spaces with ease. And with an amazing 12-15 hour burn time (with a single load of wood), you can be sure to have the warmest of homes in those cold winter mornings. Just chuck another log on and you’re ready to go! And with the stainless-steel baffle, emissions are greatly reduced as the baffle reignites smoke particles at a whopping 800°C, producing Pacific Energy’s famous afterburn!

The Neo 2.5 is a brilliant unit on its own, but with the right products alongside it, it can become truly spectacular. Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit works brilliantly with the Neo 2.5 Wood Heater, allowing the warmth you produce from the unit to stay in the room, and when combined with the Outside Air Intake, allows you to have a completely airtight system for your fire.

Unmatched by any other heater in its class, the Neo 2.5 is one spectacular unit. With extraordinary burn times, heat output and a brilliant, stunning design, the Neo 2.5 is truly one of a kind.


Efficiency: 82%
Emissions: 1.0g
Heating Capacity: 280-300m²
Dimensions: 1040mm x 737mm x 622mm
Rear Clearance to Combustible: 100mm
Side Clearance to Combustible: 300mm
Corner Clearance to Combustible: 80mm
Clearance to Non-Combustible: 25mm