Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Inbuilt


Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 Inbuilt: $4,995.00


Designed for maximum heat output with uncompromising efficiency, the Pacific Energy Neo 2.5 inbuilt is the ultimate inbuilt heater. Made in Canada for those bitter Canadian nights, the Neo 2.5 inbuilt is the perfect heater for any chimney install or new home.

Simply put, the Neo 2.5 inbuilt is perfect for heating a large space with a capacity of 300m²! This extraordinary heat output is due in part to the wonders of the stainless-steel baffle. The baffle reignites the smoke at over 600°C, giving you that distinct Pacific Energy afterburn, which gives you more flame, and therefore more heat. This helps reduce emissions, which are as low as 1.0g. And with efficiency as high as 75%, your wood heater is going to burn less wood, contributing to its impressive overnight burn. You can get up to 15 hours out of a single load of wood with your Neo 2.5 inbuilt.

For taller homes, or any situation where you need more than 4 metres (the standard) of flue on your wood heater, your wood heater will not burn properly due to the massive draught the extra flue causes. Pacific Energy fixes this by adding an Extended Burn Time (EBT) to their heaters. The EBT is a draught breaker, allowing your Neo 2.5 Inbuilt to run perfectly regardless of how much flue in on it. This wood heater is perfect for any old chimney you wish to repurpose, but if you don’t have a chimney, by simply upgrading to the zero-clearance box, you can build a timber frame around your Neo 2.5 Inbuilt and install it without issue.

Extraordinary heat, fantastic efficiency and a clean design all come together in the beautiful Neo 2.5 Inbuilt wood heater. Perfect for the largest of space, this heater will keep you warm all winter long!


Efficiency: 72%
Emissions: 1.0g
Heating Capacity: 280-300m²
Fascia Dimensions: 1020mm x 724mm
Dimensions: 546mm x 838mm x 502mm