Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 Inbuilt


Neo 1.6 Inbuilt:: $3,963.00
Stainless Steel Fascia Upgrade:: $186.00
Deep Fascia (reduce depth 75mm): : $178.00
Zero Clearance Box kit : $2,091.00


The inbuilt cousin to the popular Neo 1.6, the Pacific Energy Neo 1.6 inbuilt is a fantastic heater with exceptional heating capabilities and even more exceptional features. Designed for the harsh Canadian winters, keeping you warm is everything this heater is about.

Perfect for a pre-existing chimney, or upgrade to the zero-clearance box and build a timber frame around it, the Neo 1.6 inbuilt is a fantastic heater for any home, new or old. With a generous heat output of 250m², the Neo 1.6 inbuilt is perfect for a medium sized home. The heat output is aided greatly by the stainless-steel baffle, which reignites the smoke at over 600°C, giving you that extra afterburn flame and keeping the emissions of the wood heater down low, at about 67%. And with efficiency at 1.1g, the Neo 1.6 inbuilt burns less wood, allowing the unit to get a solid overnight burn.

The Neo 1.6 inbuilt is packed full of features. In addition to the baffle and afterburn, there is also the two side fans, which help blow the heat into the room. The Neo 1.6 Inbuilt also with an extended burn time (or an EBT), which regulates the draught inside your heater, allowing it to perform correctly regardless of how much flue you have on your heater. This is perfect for older homes where you might be putting the heater into a tall pre-existing chimney. The zero-clearance box is also available if you do not have a chimney, allowing you to build a timber frame and place your wood heater inside.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the Neo 1.6 inbuilt, with its myriad of features, impressive specifications, and generous heat output. This is a brilliant heater for any medium sized home wanting a good quality wood heater.


Heating Capacity : 200m² - 260m²
Efficiency: 67%
Emissions: 1.1g
Fascia Dimensions : 915mm x 660mm
Dimensions: 502mm x 750mm x 408mm