Morso 1410 Radiant Wood Heater


Morso 1410 Freestanding Wood Heater: $2225.00* + Flue + Installation
Morso 1410 Short Leg Set* (Full Masonry Hearth): $280.00


The Morso 1410 is the ideal size and capacity to heat areas 8-10 squares. Its ability to heat quickly will create a cozy atmosphere in your home. Made from cast iron like all Morso 1410 will radiate an even warmth on even the coldest winter night. Moros 1410 features an ash pan and grate for easy cleaning and a top cook surface.





Height : 703mm
Width: 388mm
Depth: 438mm
Emissions: 1.4g/kg
Efficiency: 65%
Flue Dimension: ⌀150mm (6") Top & Rear Flue
Rear Clearance : 150mm
Side Clearance : 600mm
Corner Clearance : 600mm