Jindara Gawler Radiant Fireplace


Jindara Gawler: $3,430.00 + Flue + Install
Med/Large : $95.00


Jindara Gawler radiant wood heater modern design, perfect for large older houses that want a stylish modern look.

Tall ceilings? Thick stone walls? Tiles? Lots of single pane glass? Trouble keeping your older brick or stone house warm? Want radiant heat, without the dated look of a traditional radiant heater?

The Jindara Gawler is the answer for you.

Add in a massive 320m2 heating capacity, and the toasty warmth of a Jindara Gawler wood heater can warm up the coldest of homes.

Designed for installation against stone and brick walls, the Jindara Gawler warms the body of your home instead of the air, overcoming the cooling aspects of single glazed glass, high ceilings, draughts, and thick stone walls.


3. Gawler. Jasper FS General Spec



Height: 770mm
Width: 675mm
Depth: 557mm
Heating Capacity : 320m2
Efficiency: 66%†
Emissions: 1.0g/kg
Output: 14kW±
Log Width : 570mm
Flue Size : 150mm
Australian Made: Owned and Operated