ESSE Warmheart


ESSE Warmheart Standard (No Hot Plate Cover) Dry: : $4,090.00
ESSE Warmheart Standard (No Hot Plate Cover) Wet:: $5,380.00


The Warmheart has a fantastic firebox, with a heating capacity of 50m². The two sets of grooves in the firebricks to allow for an ESSE barbeque tray to slide in. Perfect for a pizza stone, a piece of steak or some sausages, you can set the tray at one of two heights, giving you a lot of flexibility regarding the cooking.

Directly above the firebox is the hotplate. Perfect for several different pots or pans, the gradient temperature allows you to boil a kettle in the centre, then bring it to the perimeter for a simmer. The cooktop also functions as a direct cooking surface, which allows you to cook a piece of fish, pancakes, or some veggies directly on top of the hotplate. And if you upgrade to the Warmheart deluxe, you can use the bolster lid to char-steam your veggies (just add a dab of water), bringing out the sugars and making your veggies sing.

Your Warmheart can also be upgraded to Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, which traps 8% more heat your Warmheart makes than a traditional air-cooled flue kit. This saves you wood and ensures your house remains airtight, perfect for modern airtight homes. And if this is an issue, you may also want to consider an Outside Air Intake, which will bring air from the outside of your home into your firebox, ensuring you have a perfect fire no matter the conditions in your home.

Designed for off-grid homes and small, unique spaces, the ESSE Warmheart is a fantastic little heater, cooker, pizza oven and barbeque.


Emissions: 1.5grms
Efficiency: 64%
Heating Capacity : 50m²
Height: 691mm
Width: 500mm
Depth: 600mm
Rear Clearance : 125mm
Side Clearance : 350mm
Corner Clearance : 225mm