ESSE 700


ESSE 700:: $3,140.00
ESSE 700 Wood Box :: +$250.00
ESSE 700 with Outside Air : $3,890.00


When it comes to quality, you simply cannot go past ESSE. And the ESSE 700 wood heater is the pinnacle of ESSE’s wood heater range. Handmade in Lancashire, United Kingdom, this breathtaking unit is all about the flames. ESSE is renowned for their signature flame pattern, and now you can have that in your home with the ESSE 700.

The most impressive thing about the ESSE 700 is its vista style door, which means you have a MASSIVE viewing glass to see the flames. These flames are epic! The 700 has the capacity to heat up to 100m², making it perfect for the smaller home that needs a fair amount of heat. And with its low emissions of just 1g, it’s environmentally conscious as well.

The ESSE 700 is packed full of features which make it stand out from the crowd, with its fantastic shaker grate, dual air control sliders (one for the ash bed and one for FLAMES) and the capacity to add a wood storage box to bottom of the unit. And if you need to boil a kettle or simmer a pot, the top of the ESSE 700 can also act as a cooktop.

If you live in an airtight home, air is a precious commodity in your home, and you don’t want your new ESSE 700 to compromise that. This is where the Outside Air Intake comes in. This attaches to the back of the heater and runs a duct through to the outside, allowing it to bring fresh air into your wood heater, so it doesn’t pull from the home. And if you add Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit, you will be able to trap 8% more heat in the room than with a standard flue kit. Together, these two systems create the ultimate eco system for wood heaters.

The ESSE 700 is more than just a pretty face. With brilliant heating technology under the hood, while still maintaining a gorgeous façade, for the small home where the wood heater is the heart and soul, it’s hard to go pass the ESSE 700 wood heater.


Emissions: 1gms
Efficiency: 65%
Heating Capacity : 100m2
Height: 682mm
Width: 561mm
Depth: 382mm
Rear Clearances to Combustibles : 350mm
Side Clearances to Combustibles : 400mm
Corner Clearance to Combustibles : 275mm
Rear Clearance to Non Combustibles : 25mm
Side Clearances to Non Combustibles : 25mm
Corner Clearance to Non Combustibles : 25mm