ESSE 1600 X


ESSE 1600 X: $38,480.00


The thing that ESSE is renowned for is their beautiful electric cookers. Extremely popular in the United Kingdom, the ESSE 1600 X has made its way to Australia, gracing our shores with unrivalled electric cooking capabilities. And with only three 15amp power points needed, no complicated electrics requiring a sparky, this plug and play cooker brings professional style cooking to the humble Australian home.

One of the things that sets ESSE apart is the fantastic colour range. Get ready to style your cooker with eight brilliant colour options. The colours are high temperature powder coated bonded to the steel fascia, ensuring the colour never fades. This colour is then matched to the three rectangular hotplate covers, giving the unit a brilliant sense of cohesion and uniformity. And with its six large doors, no matter which you choose, the ESSE will certainly be the eye drawing feature in your kitchen.

Whether it’s a roast chicken, hoagie rolls, a chocolate mudcake or a delicious casserole, the ESSE’s ovens can handle it all. At the same time. The 1600 X has FOUR true, independent cooking ovens, giving you everything you need to cook to your heart’s desire. The ovens can be controlled separately, so temperatures and moisture can be controlled for each oven, meaning your food can be cooked simultaneously and without compromise. The moisture is controlled from a vent, opening it allows the oven to be dry rather than wet, as the moisture is expelled. And the temperature is controlled from the panel behind the top middle door, as well as the separate control panel, which can be mounted on the wall, the bench or hidden in a cupboard. And don’t forget the warming oven underneath the control panel, perfect for keeping your food warm while everything else catches up.

What makes the ESSE 1600 X special is the three hotplates on the top of the cooker. On the left and right you have two brilliant cast iron skillets. These are perfect for cooking directly on, perfect for pancakes, bacon, burgers and, excitingly, teppanyaki style fish. And, if you close the rectangular bolster lid down, you can char-steam your asparagus, broccolini or anything else you can imagine. And because the heat radiates from the centre of the skillet, you can fit many pots and pans on it at varying temperatures. In the middle, you have a fantastic three zone induction cooktop, giving you even more cooking space right across the top of your ESSE 1600 X. With all these cooking possibilities, both oven and stovetop, the only limits will be your imagination and your pantry!

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, and an ESSE cooker is the heart and soul of the kitchen. With all its brilliant cooking features and capabilities, as well as its stunning design and excellent finish, the ESSE 1600 X is the cooker of your dreams.