ESSE 1600 T


ESSE 1600 T: $36,980.00


Ask anyone who has an ESSE Cooker and they’ll tell you it’s the heart and soul of their kitchen and home. And with the ESSE 1600 T, it’s not hard to see why. With all the amazing features, including four ovens and three hotplates, the cooking capabilities of the ESSE 1600 T are unparalleled.

Even before we get to the features, it’s the look of the ESSE 1600 T that really helps it stand out from the crowd. With its stunning six door façade (the top middle one beautifully embossed with the ESSE logo), eight stunning colour choices, and round, colour matched hobs, the ESSE has been designed with looks in mind. So much so in fact that the edge is squared off, meaning your ESSE will match your bench tops perfectly.

But onto the features, and boy where do we start? Each of the ESSE 600 T’s four ovens cook just like a wood stove, so no hot spots. This is done with ESSE’s wrap around technology, heating the ovens evenly and perfectly. These ovens can be also converted from a wet to dry oven with the opening of a vent on top of the stove. And even further, each oven can be controlled independently, with the controls hidden behind the logo-embossed door. This amount of customisation means each oven can function exactly as you need it to, ensuring every meal is cooked perfectly every time.

Oh did we also mention the warming oven as well? Yeah, four true ovens and a brilliant warming oven. What more could you want?

Underneath the coloured hobs (which can be upgraded to chrome), lies the wonderful ESSE hotplates. If you want to use a pot, a pan or even a couple at the same time, the two skillet hotplates are a perfect option. And if you want to cook directly on top of the hotplate, the skillet plates are perfect for that too (you can even close the hotplate down and add a drop of water to get a char steam going). In the centre is a beautiful induction hotplate. This brings modern induction cooking to the classic style ESSE stove, giving you the best of both worlds.

It’s not hard to see why these cookers have taken the UK and Australia by storm. Their stunning looks, customizable ovens and absolute powerhouse hotplates make the ESSE 1600 T an absolute MUST HAVE in your kitchen!


Height 900mm
Width 1590mm
Depth 460mm