ESSE 1000 T


ESSE 1000 T: $23,990.00


When it comes to dream cooking, with style, flair, and modern sensibilities, you simply can’t go past Britain’s own ESSE 1000 T. Designed for the ultimate cooking experience, roast the crispiest duck-fat potatoes, slow-cooked stews, or the most mouth-watering meringues all within the bounds of the 1000 T.

The ESSE 1000 T boasts THREE epic ovens! These ovens are all brilliant, and features ESSE’s surround heat technology, ensuring they cook evenly without issue. No hot or cold spots. And they’re big too, able to take the full depth of one of ESSE’s large baking trays, at a massive 440mm. Hidden behind the top left door of the 1000 T’s façade is the control panel, which gives you easy access to control every aspect of your stove. Up on top, you have two different, yet equally brilliant hotplates. On the left-hand side is the single large induction hotplate. With the induction side, you can hold several pots and pans at once, and being induction, get near instant boiling temperatures with them. On the other side is a fantastic cast-iron hotplate. This can also hold multiple pots and pans, or can be used as a direct cooking surface, allowing you to cook fish, chicken, pancakes, or veggies directly on the top of the hotplate. And with your veggies, by adding a bit of water, you can close the chrome bolster lid down, and char-steam your veggies, perfect for bringing the sugars out of your vegetables.

For the more serious home chefs, adding an ESSE 600 T electric stove to your 1000 T is a no brainer, giving you two extra doors, two electric ovens and an extra hotplate. And to top it all off, the ESSEs can also come in a variety of colours. With eight colours to choose from, you can truly customise your ESSE to suit your style and home. And with the 1000 T, it all plugs into two 15amp power points, meaning no sparky required!

Brilliance and functionality come together in the form of the ESSE 1000 T. With a fantastic array of ovens, excellent hotplate experiences, and brilliant power efficiency, it is all brought together with ESSE’s signature quality and excellence. You simply cannot go past the ESSE 1000 T for the ultimate chef’s dream.


Height 900mm
Width 990mm
Depth 600mm
Efficiency 80%
Stove Weight 404kg