Escea DS1400 Single Sided Gas Fireplace


Escea DS1400 Single Sided Gas Fireplace: From $12,999.00 + Fascia + Flue + Installation
Escea DS1400 Double Sided Gas Fireplace: From $13,999.00 + Fascia + Flue + Installation
Escea DS1400 Heat Flow Adjuster (Double Side Fireplaces only): $199.00
Escea DS1400 Superfine Mesh Screen kit : $599.00


Escea DS1400 gives you more flame with minimal frame and seamless space-saving design is the perfect combination!

This fire boasts a 1.4m wide firebox with absolutely no Frame, so where the wall ends the glass begins.

Like all Escea DS Series gas fireplaces, the DS1400 Features Flexible Flue technology, giving you the design freedom to imagine your fireplace anyplace.

630423_5-ds1400-builders-and-architects-sheet-highlighted flue clearance


ds-series-mantel-and-tv-clearances ds-series-fascia-options



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Height: 850
Width: 1700
Depth: 350
Viewable Glass : 1359 W x 411 H
Efficiency: 5 Star
Max Heat Output: 9.5kW
Remote: Yes
Fluebed (Options): Logs, Woodland Selection, NZ River Rock, Black Coals, White Coals, Black Crystalight, White Crystalight
Fascia: Frameless, Linear Trim Bevelled lite (Black or Silver)