Charnwood Cove


Charnwood Cove: $6,300.00
Store Stand (optional): $490.00
Centre Stand (optional): $660.00


One of the biggest units in the Charnwood range, the new Charnwood Cove boasts a massive heating capacity of 350m² and weighs in at an incredible 180kg.

Made by Charnwood in England, this wood heater is built to perform. Super clean burning at 77% efficiency, and with a low 1.1g of emissions, this heater is the dream for those who need heat but are environmentally conscious.

Save an extra 8% of heat loss with Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit. This flue kit seals the room at the ceiling, preventing heat loss you get with other flue kits.

This stunning unit draws attention in every room it’s in with its massive firebox, perfect for seeing those stunning Charnwood flames and taking 500mm length pieces of wood. And with the option for a store stand, you can have your Cove in your home, your way. Available in early 2024.